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The week of June 11-16 brought 48 campers (grades 6, 7, and 8) to the Bethel Camp facilities. They came from as far away as Canton, OH and as near as Riley Branch just off Hwy 476. It was a great group of campers. They had a lot of energy and played games with lots of energy. They were however much more of a contemplative group when it came to chapel. They listened with open ears and soaked up what was being said. Andrew, one of the counselors commented that his cabin group was very attentive during the morning cabin devotional time.
They may have been a thinking group, but they were also very talkative at meals. There was usually a buzz of conversation as they stood in line waiting for some of those chicken enchiladas or some of Bill’s home-made pizza. There was also plenty of fun to be had as the campers played games in the Rec. Hall. One of the favorite games there was the carpetball game. The other surprise to me was the time that the campers spent spinning on the Merry-go-round. If I as a camp director could harness the energy expended by spinning that think, I might just be able to run all the air-conditioners with that power (smile!).
Camp always gets more exciting as the week goes on, and this week was no exception. The shaving cream struggle was a success on Wednesday as everyone got completely covered in the slippery stuff and slid all over the large sheet of black plastic. The cook-out and hayride were a fun time of relaxing on Thursday and were the prelude to the all new night game called, “Capture the Scavenger.” Bethel Camp Olympics were Friday morning, the tournaments finished that afternoon, and the Bible Quiz allowed the teams to gain a few more points to see who would win the team competition. Later that evening, we experienced a meaningful campfire service, and enjoyed watching the camp video that recapped all the week’s activities.
Probably the most touching part of the week of camp for me was during part of the campfire service when all of us were asked to pray together in groups of 3 or 4 people. I was grouped together with two 6th graders who encouraged me so much with their prayers. They wanted to pray for one of their friends who had lost her mother during the past year and was having a hard time. I expected them to ask for something for themselves, and instead they were concerned about a fellow camper. That is faith in action.
We thank everyone who has been praying for us. God is indeed doing a good work in the lives of campers and staff this summer.