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Two buckeye trees – one down, one to go. When Roger first came here, there was a rope spiderweb strung up between these two trees that we used as part of our group-building time with the staff. It caused some scarring on the tree trunks (which caused Roger mild distress.) He’s babied those trees since then, and they’ve been looking good. But… every beginning comes from another beginning’s end, right?


They left this hickory tree. But don’t get your hopes up about it living a long and prosperous life. There’s enough fill dirt piled around it that it will probably die in a few years. Although…. we filled in pretty deep around some trees when we made our parking lot and they’re still thriving. So, who knows…


It feels like they’re cutting down trees left and right, but this one’s staying. They damaged it a little, but it’s sticking around. And I didn’t even have to do anything drastic or controversial to save it.


I wish you could stand around with me and watch these machines work. It’s a fantastic way to waste a day.


And look who drove up into the middle of this earth-moving madness. Gotta keep our hungry volunteers fed!


Standing here taking this picture I realized that our playground is going to feel much more secluded than it used to. The new chapel is going to be a lot wider than the old one.


We were all relieved and happy to see the excellent quality of this dirt. Okay, not gonna lie – it just looked like dirt to me. But I learned that seeing a solid-colored bank is better than seeing stripes of different colors. They didn’t know for sure if it was going to be fill dirt or original dirt until they dug into it. But they all seem to be happy about it and that’s good enough for me.


Look at the width of that hole. It’s huge! They actually dug about 4 feet extra on the left, so some of that will get filled back in. There will be a road through there to access the playground.


View from the bottom of the old road – with fewer trees and a lot more dirt.


If you’d drive in to camp right now, this is what you’d see.