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We’re starting to get a taste of how frustrating construction can be. If we were building a house, the walls would probably be up by now. But since it’s commercial… they had to dig out. And dig out. And dig out some more. And in some spots the dirt still wasn’t solid enough to satisfy the inspector, so… we got to pour a bunch of money into this hole in the ground.


Seriously. If this was a video instead of a photo, you’d hear the sound of money being dumped in the ground to be buried forever. I won’t tell you the amount because it’s completely depressing. Here at camp we’ve always been on a fairly tight budget, so we’re used to being creative, doing things ourselves, making do, cutting corners where we can, doing without once in a while. We’re not used to spending money like it’s water. But, like somebody once said… “On this rock I will build my church.” Sounds like a plan to me.


Four inches above the top of that horizontal board will be floor level. How many loads of gravel do you think will be hauled up this road? And do you think that by the end of it, the county will come out and replace our sad little bridge?


A group of guys came down from Logan, OH today to start putting up our walls. Unfortunately we’ve fallen behind our optimistic schedule, so the footers weren’t poured yet, and they couldn’t start on the project they’d planned on doing. But we’re so glad they came anyway! Here they’re cutting boards to make forms for the footers. I guess that’s what you call it?

I don’t know a thing about construction, so it cracks me up that I’m the one describing this process to the rest of the world. I appreciate the guys in charge of this project – James Fyffe, Jim Byler, Bruce Boley, even Roger – they always answer all my questions and explain things to me without making me feel like a moron or a silly girl.