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IMG_0333I’ve been hearing about these ICF things for years. Finally today I got to meet them in person. Insulated Concrete Forms. You put these together to form your walls, put some rebar in them, then fill them up with concrete. The concrete means your walls are strong; the styrofoam means your walls are insulated and therefore more energy efficient; and the rebar ensures that in the case of a hypothetical cataclysmic event, the whole wall won’t slide off the footers.


Unloading. The semi backed halfway up our road, stopped right in front of my house, and our valiant workers used a pickup and a four wheeler with a trailer to transport them to the building site. Looking at it from this angle, I see the curve in the road – with a steep drop down to the creek. No wonder the driver wasn’t excited about backing all the way up to the camp parking lot.


See? Right in front of my house. That’s the corner of my green balcony where I read and drink coffee.

IMG_0354See the boards along the back wall? They’re getting everything ready to start pouring the footers. I know it’s not much yet, but it’s encouraging to look out over that vast expanse and see some straight lines. It feels like maybe a building really is going to rise out of the gravel.

Okay. Now I’m just going to go ahead and break some hearts. Let’s just do it fast, okay? Like ripping off a bandaid.

IMG_0350Did you catch that? We have a new level to our parking lot. And only a short flight of stairs up to the playground.

IMG_0351If the last two pictures mean nothing to you, fantastic. You have nothing to mourn and I’m happy for you.

To the rest of you: we understand. We have lots of memories at the campfire ring too, and we were sad to see it go. I’m excited about our new campfire location though.

We’re slowly adjusting to changes around here. We think of our campers and staff members often; what will you think and feel the next time you drive up to camp? Are you going to feel sad and miss the old things? Will you be excited about the new? Maybe feel a little lost because everything is so different? Or a combination of all those feelings?

Whatever the emotions, we hope Bethel Camp continues to feel like a safe haven. May this always be a place where people see Christ in action.