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So far on this website you’ve seen lots of photos of destruction, dirt, rocks and heavy equipment. Here’s something a little cleaner. These photos keep me from getting overly discouraged when things aren’t going like we’ve planned. This project may move along quickly, or it may take longer than we want, but eventually it will get done. I’ve looked at these plans and drawings so many times, I forget that many of you haven’t even seen what our new building is going to look like. Here’s the plan:

New chapel front croppedBlack and white drawing of the future building. This is the view you’ll be faced with as you drive into camp. We’re excited about the covered porch that runs the length of the building – with an outdoor fireplace. (I’m really hoping we can use some of the stone from the old building for the hearth. But I’m not the stone mason… we’ll see what works out.) We love for kids to be outside. This will allow opportunity for small group meetings outside even on rainy days.

Bethel Camp Exterior View 3-D

Artist’s rendition of the finished product. Just try to picture southeastern Kentucky in the background. And I can’t imagine us planting pointy shrubbery. And if we were, we’d stick it on a hillside somewhere; not in precious parking area. The colors are all wrong too. We haven’t ordered the stone and siding yet, but we’re leaning towards a grey color scheme.

Chapel and Rec Hall with porch

Chapel and rec hall floor plan – upstairs. The entry on the left side of this picture will open onto the playground. The recreation area will be smaller than our old rec hall, so some of the games will be outside on the porch. There’s no snack shop in this new building. We’ll be building a new little Snack Shack somewhere, probably on the hill beside the “old” gazebo; campers will be able to access it from the playground.

Dining and Kitchen

Kitchen, dining hall and meeting room – downstairs. I’m excited about having not only a walk-in cooler, but a walk-in freezer too! That will have to be more convenient than storing our frozen food in 5 different freezers in the basement of Sunbeam Hall… right? Actually, I’m super excited about the whole layout of the kitchen and dining room. i don’t know if we’ll know what to do with a kitchen designed just for us. We’re so used to storing things on odd sized shelves and anywhere we can find the space.

Bethel Camp Interior 1

Don’t take this picture too seriously. It’s an idea of the size and layout of the new chapel interior. Picture wooden paneling on the lower half of the walls. (If I understand correctly, that’s part of what’s being logged off of camp property right now.) The ceiling will also be done with wood; the floor will be nicely finished concrete; and I can almost promise you that there won’t be an American flag in the front of the Bethel Camp chapel. I don’t think we’ve decided yet what kind of benches or chairs we want to use. I find myself wondering… Who will be the first couple to get married in the camp chapel?