I don’t normally feel personally responsible for the weather, but lately I feel like I should apologize to people when the rain comes at inconvenient times for them. There are all kinds of people praying for the success of our building project, and I know there are some prayers for good weather mixed in there.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that God has been orchestrating the weather just for us, but so far the rain has always come at decent times. We haven’t been held up by the weather yet.

Yesterday we got the discouraging news that our steel won’t be delivered until October 8. So… we have to find things to do for two and a half weeks while we wait. I’m guessing no one will get too bored.

Just to kill some time on this blog without letting it go into hibernation, here are some photos of things that have happened at this building site over the years. They’re kind of random.

First off… Ezra Good. There was no date with this one. But it’s a great picture – and appropriate for this rainy day.

ezra good - umbrella

This next one was taken during my first visit to Bethel Camp. (Maybe around 1979?) The little girl in red shorts might be me. Or she may be my cousin. It’s the same merry-go-round. And kids still sit on it and drag their feet through the water after a hard rain.

Bethel Camp

This was around 1980. Recognize anybody?


And here’s a more recent photo of the old chapel filled with campers. By this time the wall down the middle of the chapel had been removed for more seating.

Chapel Hands Up

Outside the chapel, hosing off after a shaving cream fight.

Daycamp 2003 - 104

Years ago…. playing games in the rec hall. (That’s my mom and two of my uncles.)


Snack shop in the late 80’s

snack shop

Rec hall games in 2002:

Jacob Hudson

This photo was taken around 1980, and we still cook with that pan! And we’re still using those bowls! And the cabinets under the window are in a different spot now, but we’re still using them. Amazing. The refrigerator, I’m happy to report, has been replaced by a walk-in cooler.


I’m including this last picture because that man hitting the ball looks a lot like my Grandpa. Does anyone know who it is?


That’s all for today…