Hello from Breathitt County, Kentucky! For two weeks we’ve been sitting around twiddling our thumbs, waiting for a decent job to do. Just kidding. There has been plenty of work to do – but most of it has been behind-the-scenes work. Necessary work, but not necessarily photogenic.

We were disappointed when we first heard that our steel shipment was going to be delayed by two weeks, but those two weeks have given us a chance to take care of some details that might have fallen between the cracks if we’d jumped right in to building the 2nd floor.

Our steel was delivered Tuesday, October 8th. By 4:00 that evening we had a third of the floor joists in place, ready to be welded.


We’re also working on sewer and water connections; so once again the excavator guy is here, playing in the dirt. (I know. Running an excavator is a real job, and it takes experience and expertise… but -to me- it looks like the grown-up version of my little boys playing in the dirt bank.)


Looking through the kitchen service entrance doors – through the restrooms and into the meeting room. (You can’t see the main entrance door in this photo. It’s between the two sets of windows.)


That’s the stairway door you see in the far corner:


I really enjoy the shadows in these photos.


The brown stuff is the waterproofing and will eventually cover all of the outer side of the styrofoam. It’s kind of like wrapping the building in heavy duty bubble wrap before you fill the dirt in around it. Kind of.