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Beautiful Tuesday. What a great day to climb up a ladder, look at building plans and mark some wall layouts.

IMG_0191David, James and Bruce – marking lines in the sunshine.



Soon that gap between the building and the playground will be gone. The piles of dirt are getting smaller. Maybe in the spring we’ll replace some of this muck with grass.


Yesterday was beautiful. Today? Not so much.



Still… there’s beauty if you look for it. Check in the puddles. The trees reflected there on our roofless chapel floor are the very essence of a poem which I won’t write for you. IMG_0217

If this place starts getting cluttered up with sappy abstract poetry, no self-respecting builder will keep reading long enough to find out that we need carpenters! 

During the next two weeks we want to get the walls and the rafters up, and put the decking on the roof. We could use lots of pairs of hands. Or if you don’t have a full pair, just bring what you’ve got!

Monday morning we had a bunch of lumber delivered – you can see some of it in the last photo – and gravel to start filling in around the building. If you want to be physically involved in this building project, we’re ready for you! Just give us a call.

Does anyone else listen to Steven Delopoulos? (He’s the guy from Burlap to Cashmere; maybe that’s more familiar?) I look at the piles of lumber and gravel around here and I start humming his song Work to Be Done. (Click the link for a youtube video if you’re interested.)