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Interesting point #1 —  God provided good dry weather for over a week now and things have dried out.

Interesting point #2 —  Tommy had loaned us his excavator and dump truck and we could put them to work.

Interesting point #3 —   Earlier when the dirt was being removed to prepare for the foundation, we had piled a large amount of the dirt in the location where the campfire ring was.  It was packed down and leveled with a bulldozer and so has stayed nice and dry over all this time.

All this put together meant one thing.   We’ve been wanting to get a lot of this back-filling done ever since we got the 2nd floor poured, but haven’t found time or the right kind of weather.  Now was the time.  We didn’t get it all done, but when the rain started this Thursday afternoon we had both ends filled in and a good path started on the back side so that the truck could back in there and dump.

Chad ran the excavator and loaded the truck


Jim drove the truck


Jim dumped the truck.


Bruce and James put stone next to the basement wall for good drainage.


…and then filled the rest with dirt (wonderful dirt).

There’s not much room to turn around down in the ditch, but Bruce makes a way.

Notice the neat invention used to keep a nice neat layer of rock next to the building.


The handy dandy golf cart has got a face-lift with a new blue seat and a red backrest.