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This past week a brave group of electricians from NC and VA traveled to Kentucky to wire up the chapel in single digit weather. Not exactly a dream vacation, but they did the job with willing hands and joyful hearts. There was definitely a lot of laughter here last week.

Here’s Samuel Short and Tommy Davis working on the main electric panel outside.

ImageLook who showed up to drop off a delivery just as we were getting ready to eat lunch. And look at that tight fit.

IMG_0167Really. His backing-in job was impressive. I’d be embarrassed to try parallel parking with that driver watching.Image

Here’s Samuel, Kenneth Moyer and Tommy working on that metal box. I have no idea what they’re doing. But I’m sure they did it well. They’re just that kind of people.ImageThe official Vernon Moyer Electric van. Did I mention that those Moyer men are my uncles? Four of my uncles (and a couple of my aunts) were here this week, so this was an extra-special step of the building project for me.

IMG_0174There he is on the right – Vernon Moyer, the man who was privileged enough to be put in charge of this whole wiring project. Jackie Percy on the left added a lot of joy to the week. We’re looking forward to having him come back to camp again, hopefully with his wife next time.

IMG_0179I don’t know how much work would have gotten done without this handy piece of equipment. It’s hard to pull wire when your hands are stuck in rigor mortis.

IMG_0182If I was taking a stab at the meaning of this next photo… I’d say this is a metal pipe carrying lots and lots of wires to the main breaker box.

IMG_0180Speaking of hands stuck in rigor mortis…. if it were to happen, Chris Leuz would be the man to fix the situation. Chris just happens to be a hand surgeon; he’s traveled to China, Africa and South America doing medical mission work. He cares about details and he made these electric panels look really good.

IMG_0185Jonathan Short showing us another example of his expertise. Is there anything those boys can’t do?!IMG_0188Here’s another one of my uncles, Steve Smith from Harrisonburg, VA. He and Jonathan made a great team; he knew where to run all the wires and Jonathan pulled them through the rafters. IMG_0190And another uncle – David Hartzler from Hickory, NC. I love that he looks like a fuzzy teddy bear in that hat. He also has fantastic, versatile gloves. After the other guys had run the wires, he put connectors on the ends of the wires and inserted the wires into the electrical boxes.

IMG_0186Let there be light. Before the last of the group left, the electric inspector came and gave us the okay to call the electric company and hook up the building. Now, as soon as the heating and air conditioning ducts are installed, we’re ready to put the chapel ceiling up.IMG_0192