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Does anybody want this?


Or this or this?


They’re so desperate to get out of here they’ve been leaving little witty notes for the camp director.

Actually, we’re downsizing. We’ve replaced these three machines with one smaller machine. The new one is (obviously) newer and is less expensive to maintain. Not to mention that it was a gift. (!!!)

We love gifts.

If you’re at all interested, message the camp for more info.

We’ll give you a really good deal on it. As in: you come get it, it’s yours.


I know. Notes are tons of fun to read, and maybe you didn’t quite catch all that.

Lexmark printer/scanner: “Roger, I am so tired of sitting here… Please take me out!  -The Chair- (and other junk)”

The big copier: “Roger, please find me a new home. I am no longer happy here. 😦 Sincerely, the ‘old’ copy machine”