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Oh. Look at this.


Random, right?

It’s an exit sign. But it’s not just an exit sign. It’s a working exit sign. Installed above a door with finished trim. Permanent lights in the rec hall made this photo possible – (time to pack away the shop lights.) And someone sat on the rec hall floor to take this photo without getting dirty. This really is an amazing photo, for all of its quirky insignificance.

This chapel update blog has been pretty quiet lately. I just wanted to stop in and say: you may not be hearing much, but things are happening around here. I was telling a friend recently what all the current projects are and she said, “I keep hearing you use the words ‘finishing up’ – I like this.” -)

Instead of posting lots of pictures today (sorry…) here’s a list of things that have happened in the chapel lately:

– The power has been turned on to the building
– Lights, ceiling fans and electrical outlets are installed
– Wainscoting is almost completely installed
-The plumbing is almost complete – just waiting for inspection now (I think)
– Drywall is up in the bathrooms (it was saved until last because we had to wait for a plumber)
– Painting is finished except for the front entry, closets and restrooms (again, waiting for plumbing)
– They’ve filled in behind the retaining wall to make the road to the front door (We’ve gotta be ready for special needs week June 2nd!)
– Rec hall floor has had its initial cleaning  – we’re hoping to get it stained and protected really soon
– Part of the trim boards have been delivered and stained. A few of them have already been installed. Samuel just pulled in with the rest of the trim boards. Lots of staining to do tomorrow – yay!
– A good section of the porch railing has been stained.
– The heating and cooling guys are finishing up their work this week.
– Lots of trash has been thrown away – lots of tools and equipment have been put away. (This sounds trivial, but it’s kind of a big deal. It means we’re done using them!)

I’m sure I left some things off of that list. Probably really important things that have caused people pain and misery. My apologies to them.

There’s a lot of work left to do, but it’s finally starting to feel like we’re in the home stretch.

Oh, and speaking of being ready for Special Needs Camp June 2nd…. I had a realization the other day: This year, our special needs campers will get to use the rec hall. (!!!)

IMG_5272Some of them may not be interested, but for the first time, they’ll be able to get to the rec hall by walking down a short hallway and not climbing a steep set of stairs. I’m kind of excited that they’ll be our first group to do a week of camp in the new chapel. Keep praying with us that things go smoothly and that we’re able to get our Occupancy License before June 1st.