This is from Sarah (Stoltzfus) Allen. She served here a number of years as a staff member on our summer ministry team and now serves as one of the board members of the camp. This camp has also benefited from the influence of Wesley Stoltzfus over the many years he spent mentoring kids at camp.

thoughts from the green room

For today’s poetry selection, I want to share something my friend Sarah wrote recently. I never knew this man very well – he passed away not long after we moved to Kentucky – but I’m one of the masses of people across the country who felt nothing but respect for him.

My most vivid memories of him are his homemade sweet potato chips and the bedside stool he made for his petite wife so she could more easily get in and out of their high bed. And the tour he gave us of his wood shop one Thanksgiving afternoon – although, out of all the beautiful pieces of furniture he created, the piece that made the biggest impression on me was his own coffin. This is not your average guy.

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grandpa (wesley)

in my head,
there is always music
even when i want

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