Hello on this beautiful fall morning!

We’ve just finished up our Fall Youth Retreat weekend and although the crowd was small, the impact of the weekend seems to have been a great one. I love to watch how our weekend retreat campers relate to each other – their excitement at seeing each other again on Friday evening as well as their reluctance to say goodbye on Sunday afternoon. As year-round staff members, we have the privilege of watching lots of long-term friendships develop and grow.

Throughout the year we also get little glimpses of how God is working in the lives of our campers and drawing them closer to Him. While we can’t pass along every story of how Bethel Camp is being used to influence young people for the Lord, we would like to keep you better informed about all of the Bethel Camp happenings.

Would you be interested in joining our email list? We’re not promising regular weekly or monthly emails, but we’ll do our best to send out a note before important events (retreats, fundraisers, special events) so you’ll never feel like you’re the last to know what’s going on at Bethel Camp. If it gets to be too much for you, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Roger & Ruthie Voth
Bethel Camp