The first time I remember helping out at Bethel Camp was with worship in the Old Chapel. The worship leader needed someone to help move the over-head transparencies during the music. I really don’t remember if I was “volun-told” or I volunteered. Either way, it happened and suddenly music, worship, and camp started to get a hold of me.

I’ve been helping out at Bethel Camp as a staff member since 2005. I’ve grown so much at this place and it has become a home to me. This summer was the first where I wasn’t there the entire time. It was weird. Instead of all summer staff, I became a visitor and spectator. I didn’t get to join in on all the campfires, shaving cream fights, or late worship nights. It was a transition I wasn’t sure I’d been handling well.

But just as the seasons transition, we have to as well. This summer I realized that I was transitioning into a “back-stage” view of camp. Though it wasn’t comfortable at first, God showed me a lot about gracefully (but still sometimes awkwardly) going from one season into the next.

This summer as a “visitor”, I actually got several chances to still help out at camp when I could. I was able to help with worship, recreation, behind-the-scenes auxiliary stuff, and even just hanging out with staff for some mutual encouragement! Being in the background made me realize how much I like it. Just like when I was asked to move the overhead slides when I was younger, I’ve realized how much I just love to help. I love being flexible to help out with worship, helping team games, cleaning up, etc. All of those things bring me joy in doing. I didn’t always get a chance to connect with the campers, or be in any “big summer moments”, but it was good to hear about them and watch other staff grow in their own experiences. Suddenly my transitional summer didn’t seem so bad. It became a good growing place.

Today is the first of Fall. Summer is officially over and now we’re waiting to see if the weather is going to follow the correct season or not. I took a walk around camp today to look at all the new things coming. We’re getting a new cabin, our chapel porch is looking fantastic, and we’re getting ready for the fall retreats! The leaves are starting to change and fall, covering the footsteps of summer staff and campers. The building projects are happening, the new season is beginning and Bethel Camp I believe, is transitioning well into it!

Thanks to all the staff and campers who made this summer awesome. Thank you to all the work teams, donors, and volunteers who have worked incredibly to make camp grow. Thank You, Heavenly Father for being good and faithful in our transitions.

Please continue to pray for Bethel Camp and thank you so much for your support!

God bless,

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