Sometimes life gets so busy and suddenly you’re going through the motions of life, forgetting to live intentionally, forgetting where your identity lies. This weekend of Fall Retreat was the perfect way to slow down and to realign ourselves with God: to be reminded once more of how big God’s love for us is, how trustworthy his plans are, how wonderful his grace is. The chapel times were a great reminder of these truths as well as the energetic worship times full of dancing and loud singing as we lifted our praises to God. Through chapel, worship, and discussion times we shut up some lies and absorbed a lot of truth.

The rest of the weekend included many fun activities. We participated in fall activities like pumpkin carving (praying constantly that God would guide the campers hands with the knives so as to keep everyone’s fingers intact), a fun hayride, and various hikes. One of my favorite hikes was the first night as we walked around in the dark with flashlights and would occasionally have everyone turn off the flashlights and simply listen to the sounds of nature. It was a good reminder of how intricately God has created nature, also a reminder of how full of energy and joy middle-schoolers are. Sunday morning we woke up bright and early before the sun and made our way up a hill where we sang songs and listened to God’s word as the sun rose.

We also played Capture the Flag and Dare Base as a camp. We played Capture the Flag in the dark, with only a few scraped up legs from tumbling down hills as the guys stole the girls’ flags and eventually won the game. Everyone was very ready for showers and sleep after that game.

What a blessing it was to be able to come and serve alongside Bethel Camp as counselors for the weekend. Being a part of the Fall Retreat was truly refreshing.

-The REACH team