The clap of thunder rang through my ears as I watched the wall of rain slam onto the ground. Team games were in thirty minutes and I had just tacked all the activities onto the board. The Recreation Director, Auxiliary staff and I looked at each other and realized we had to pull together a new plan for team games…and quickly.

If you’ve ever been at camp when one of our lovely  Kentucky summer storms hit, you know this feeling. It’s that moment when you realize your plan isn’t working and you need a new one.

The Kitchen staff graciously let us clear out the tables in the dining hall to set up our game. Counselors and campers helped us stack tables and chairs. The Auxillary staff helped us set the “field” for team games. Soon everything was set and we were ready to start! The teams did a great job playing the game as if we were out on the field, yet cautious enough to keep everyone and everything safe inside. The game ended well and much fun was had. We were all grateful the storm didn’t ruin the fun!

That’s one thing I have always appreciated about working at Bethel Camp. No matter how the day goes, or whatever circumstances happen, everyone is able to think quickly and find ways to work everything out. No one sees themselves higher or lower than the other, we just want to be there for each other. Our goal is to serve one another, have fun, and learn to love like Jesus.

Bethel Camp community (aka “Camp Fam”) has always done a great job reflecting what the Body of Christ is like. We celebrate, mourn, challenge, and grow together as one big community that simply desires to have fun and grow in Christ. Even in those times when sudden summer storms hit us, we know that we can depend on each other to make camp work and have a good time.

Thank you staff, campers, volunteers, board members, donors, prayer warriors, all of you who participate in many ways with camp for all you do. You are awesome members of our “Camp Fam” 🙂