It all started in the early summer of ’09. I remember it literally like it was yesterday. I remember how nervous I was, going to a camp ALONE, with no friends, just me. I was at the great age of 10 years old. My mom and dad brought me. They stood in line with me for registration, and helped me make my way up to the top cabin. I nervously waved goodbye, and prepared myself for a life changing week at camp.

I always watched movies where the kids would go to camps, and have the most amazing time. And I expected nothing less. Not only was it similar to those camps, it was 1000x better. The food was amazing, the games were so much fun, the counselors and staff were awesome! But it still felt like something was missing amidst all that. And on Thursday night of that week, I realized what it was.jr. 2 b jerrica

jr. 2 b jerrica


As Katie and the worship team played “Ocean Floor” that night, (it still blows my mind that I can still remember all these details), I remember an altar call happening. I remember seeing friends I had made that week go off with their counselors and talk. So I finally built up the courage to go with my counselor, Esther, and talked. I got saved on that hot, summer night. And my life has been changed since!

So, for the time in between, I would come to my week of camp as a camper from ages 10-16. But! The summer I turned 16, (the age old enough to counsel), I decided to finally do it. I felt God was calling me to serve Him in ways I never knew possible.    Through the campers I was counseling, the staff I was working and growing along side of, and through being at one of the most amazing places on earth,  I fell more in love with God. I  have worked as a counselor, kitchen staff, and photographer all these years. And also becoming part of the “Camp Fam”.

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Now, i’m 20, (turning 21 this summer), and working at camp in the office part time, while I go to college.  My dad also helps out and does a few maintenance jobs for camp, which is a blessing! This summer coming up will be my 10th year involved with camp! Where has time gone? In these 10 years, I have gone through more than I imagined. I realized more about me and my faith. I always thought when I was younger, that I had to be perfect for God. And that I was not allowed to mess up. But I have learned throughout the years that God loves you, even if I was still that lost person. And I realized He is a God who doesn’t care how far you have ran, he just wants you to come back home to Him. So, I can’t wait to see what my 10th year here brings and see how God works in my life. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my favorite camp, and all the kids that will be impacted by His amazing love!

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